Regenerating Home & Family

Creating routines and activities of connection and meaning

Join us for a fun & inspiring workshop

Sun, 6 Dec 5-6:30pm or Tue, 8 Dec 12-1:30pm NZ time

As we head towards the end of the year, and perhaps Covid has forced you to spend more time at home, it’s a great time to think about how we can create our home spaces and family life to be more regenerative.


What about your home—the environment, the built space, and your social relationships could be transformed to create more vitality, deep belonging and sense of connection and purpose?  How can you create systems in your home that support life?  What would add to the resiliency of your home and family?


How do we do this?  It’s about changing thought patterns, behaviours and systems that no longer serve or that cause harm, to developing spaces, behaviours and rhythms that allow us to connect and evolve to be more life-enhancing, harmonious, and fulfilling our home’s potential to nurture and nourish us and our world


Regenerative development is as much about doing the inner work, to evolve ourselves, as it is about the work we do professionally.  When we become proficient at actualizing our own life, we become better systems actualizers for our communities and in our professional roles.



Through Common Ground, I will be offering a workshop for exploring how regenerative and permaculture principles can be applied to areas of our home and family life. 


We will be discussing the themes of communication, food, and prosperity (related to social, ecological and economic aspects) from a regenerative perspective.  This is a very practical workshop, made relevant to your home life which can then create value for your professional and public life.


Ultimately, for those wanting to create alternative housing and intentional community, the mindset and skills we will be learning, creating, and practicing will set you up for greater success.


Common Ground is about coming together, to support each other, collaborate, and create synergies.  When we do this transformational work together, we feel inspired, uplifted, and energized. 


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I'm Zola Rose, workshop facilitator


I have been applying regenerative and permaculture principles to my life since 2010 when I turned my South African homestead into a Sustainability Commons—a living and learning centre for sustainable practices while at the same time working in my local village sharing what I was living and home-educating my children using the natural environment and daily living as their classroom.  It certainly looked like the regenerative life--green and off-grid


Ten years later, we are in a very different place.  My children are now teenagers and we live in Hamilton, New Zealand, renting a home in the city with a small food garden and modern conveniences, going to work and school.   But, I'm still applying the regenerative principles to our lives, creating new family routines and looking for new things to learn and taking opportunities to get connected and contribute to our local and global community and environment.


I have seen how my health, mental wellbeing, relationships with my children, connection with my community and with nature have positively increased.  And I see that the patterns lived out in my home life are creating patterns in my public and professional life that create positive impact.


I look forward to having you join me for this workshop.

Common Ground 

Hamilton, New Zealand

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