Do you have:



  • A housing project that is starting to gather momentum?

  • An idea that you are ready to take action on? 

  • A group of people who want to live together collectively in some form?

  • An organization that would like to develop a housing strategy?

  • or have you found land that is a great location for a community?

If your answer is yes to any of those, then, The Mentorship Coaching Package is for you.



I am offering a mentorship/coaching package to give you:


More ongoing and regular support

for your project to gain more traction.

Help you with creating yearly and quarterly

goals and accountability to stay on target

Assist with connecting you to local and national key role players, potential partners and investors, and champions

Help you prepare a dynamic presentation

that will be very attractive and inspiring 

Assist with creating a core

project leadership team

Help to create the content and process for

dynamic group meetings and workshops

Help you deal with the obstacles

and boost your confidence to work with challenges

Help you acquire the data,

reports and relevant resources

that add to your project’s collateral

The important benefit of this package is that you are:

Saving money--the package offers a discount on getting these services ad hoc or hourly.

Saving time--you will make quicker progress on your goals with the support, knowledge and expertise of a dedicated mentor/coach

Gaining traction--when you commit to an idea for a minimum of a quarter, you put in the necessary focus and energy to move an idea into reality, to test out potential, to build on patterns of successful actions

I am ready to get started but I wanted to talk to Zola to seal the deal!

Sure! You can book a 30 min zoom call to get more details and to finally get started!


What they say about Common Ground

Brad White

Connected Living Advocate

Co-Founder of Cambridge Co-Housing

Wealth of knowledge

Zola (Sam) has huge knowledge about alternative housing - both local and global issues.  She is well connected in the alternative housing area and through those connections brings a wealth of knowledge to events and courses.


She is an excellent facilitator both in small and large groups and is able to elicit responses and input from all group members.

Greer O'Donnell

Urban Strategist with Urban Advisory

Co-Founder of Society for Alternative Housing Development

Passion for housing justice

Zola (Sam) has a significant level of knowledge about the topic of alternative housing and has an obvious passion for housing justice.


Her work in developing learning guides for us has been excellent - demonstrating her ability to communicate the key aspects required to deliver alternative housing solutions

Peter Grant

Architectural Designer, Regenerative practitioner & involved with the formation of Whangarei’s Ecovillage Ahi Wai

Wow Zola. You’re like a co-housing dynamo. So much knowledge and connections. Talking to you was so informative and totally inspiring. 

You’ve really helped me develop my thinking around developing an Eco Village. Introducing the non-profit and non-speculative concepts - right up my alley; the importance of Permaculture.  I have confidence that I could make the site a really desirable place to live. 

You’ve actually got me into a higher state of excitement with this work. I feel our goals are totally aligned around regenerate housing, community prosperity and ecological health. 
Thanks so much for your mahi. 

Anja O’Connor

Tiny House Community Leader




Zola cleared up my most urgent questions regarding our Upper Clutha Tiny House Community project. She also gave me a rich insight into the big task of community development from the ground up.


For this daunting task, to shape our way of living and thriving, Zola is amongst the experts we need to build strong and connected communities to create our future in the best way possible. I'm looking forward to learning more from Zola and Common Ground.



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