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Transformative Learning & Capacity Building

As a community leader, planner or developer interested in creating sustainable human settlements, it is important to have a good foundation in ecological design, living systems design, and social and economic systems that are regenerative and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and a zero-carbon-emissions future.


We help build the knowledge and skills of team members and stakeholders with customized courses and workshops that meet the needs of the team and project.

  • Choose from ready-made workshops and courses

  • Customize workshops according to your project and team needs--from basics to mastery

  • In-house, on-site, or virtual options

Community-Led Housing & Ecovillages

Community Land Trusts for affordable housing

CLTs are recognized as a great model to ensure affordable housing in perpetuity. Learn about the legal, financial, and social aspects and how to apply it to existing properties or new builds.

Group decision making methods

Creating a community-led housing project requires a lot of decisions to be made by a group or team working with a community group. Learn effective strategies to help groups work collaboratively.

Community-Led Housing Models

Learn about the many forms of Community-Led Housing, how it can be supported by those with finance, policy, and land, and how to empower communities to lead in their own housing solutions.

Facilitation for team leaders

Facilitating groups to reach an outcome or even to run a successful meeting takes finesse, a deep grounding and sense of balance, ability to manage diverse personalities and energies, and more. This is an essential course for all team leaders.

Ecological Housing Models

The house construction industry creates a lot of waste, pollution, and carbon emissions.  There are many ways to build more sustainably.  Learn about innovative and ecological building designs in NZ and around the world.

Effective Interpersonal Communication

Effective communication can improve how we think about ourselves and create more connection and understanding in our relationships with others. This is an essential course for every human.

Land Design for Sustainable Neighbourhoods

The way a housing development is designed influences the social, ecological, and economic dynamics of a neighbourhood.  Learn how ecological site design creates more sustainable human settlements

Conflict resolution methods for groups

Conflict is inevitable, particularly when working in groups. Channeling conflict into win-win solutions is an art. Learn basic elements of working through group conflict.

Regenerative Land & Food Systems

Whole Systems Approach to Ecological Design

When designing a land or food system, there are social, ecological, cultural and economic elements to consider. Learn living systems design to create more sustainable projects.

Applying the Sustainable Development Goals 

The Sustainable Development Goals must be the guide for all future human settlements if we are to have zero carbon emissions by 2050.  Learn how to work with the goals and integrate them into land and food projects.

Transitioning to local, ecological food systems

Food production for animals and humans is a major cause of pollution and emissions.  Learn from a diversity of successful regenerative food systems 

Enabling community food growing projects 

Localizing food systems is key to reaching the zero carbon emissions target of 2050.  Local food also increases community health and resilience. Learn how to support or create the community-based local food systems.

Appropriate & local water systems

Learn about decentralized and appropriate water solutions that can help to keep water in the ground or stored locally without a lot of expensive infrastructure and that address water quality and access.

Ecological design for sustainable neighbourhoods 

When designing neighbourhoods, the first step is understanding the place and the ecological aspects that will enhance sustainable living on site while preserving natural elements.

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