Regenerative Land & Food Systems

What are regenerative land & food systems?

What is the problem with the current systems?

Why are regenerative land & food systems important now?

How can regenerative land and food systems succeed?

The types of projects we support

  • New & existing development regenerative land design

    We work with developers, stakeholders, and Council to co-design human settlements that are ecologically sustainable in the areas of water, infrastructure, green spaces, energy, and food production.

  • Transitioning conventional food production to regenerative systems

    We work with food growers to understand the current and future societal, ecological and political factors affecting operations, offer relevant learning and co-design responsive systems.

  • Urban food forests & gardens

    We work with community groups who want to grow food in an urban setting to set up a permaculture food garden or food forest.  This can be done in the form of a permablitz which includes practical learning.

  • Smallholding regenerative food & land systems 

    We build capacity for landowners to design land systems that creates the greatest value and yield from the land while being ecologically sustainable, economically viable, and socially efficient.  

How we support project success

Systems Design and

Project Architecture


When starting with any project or idea, we begin with understanding the complexity of relationships at place and the ecological, social, economic, cultural and spiritual contexts of the project.



Network Weaving and

Stakeholder Engagement


We collaborate with a wide variety of stakeholders on regenerative land and food systems, because we recognize the interconnections and that each stakeholder influences the social, ecological, and economic aspects of a project.


Facilitation and

Team Dynamics


Successful projects need dynamic team leaders and enthusiastic and capable team members which in turn needs values-driven and people-centred processes.  



Transformative Learning & Capacity Building


We offer courses, customized to the needs of your team, project, or community. Below are just a few of the topics that we can put together to ensure all role players involved have the knowledge and the skills they need for the project to get off to a good start and have ongoing success.

  • Whole systems approach to ecological design

  • Ecological and localised food growing systems, small or large scale

  • Local and appropriate water solutions for human settlements

  • Applying the Sustainable Development Goals to land use and food production

  • Ecological land design for neighbourhoods

  • Community garden projects to increase community health & resilience

How can we support your regenerative land or food project?

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