Community-Led Housing & Ecovillages

What is Community-Led Housing?

What is the problem with our current housing system?

Why is community-led housing important now?

How can community-led housing succeed?

What is are ecovillages and why are they important?

Who & What We Support

  • Community Land Trusts

    We can support CLTs in a number of ways including capacity building for staff and trustees, community engagement processes, and networking with stakeholders.

  • Intentional community groups

    There are many housing and neighbourhood options for groups of people who want to create their own housing solutions and intentional communities. We can help groups at any stage of their community-led housing process.

  • Local & Regional Councils

    We help Councils to understand and support community-led housing initiatives and to engage with community groups wanting to create their own housing solutions and other stakeholders like developers, land owners, and other departments.

  • Developers

    We work with visionary and innovative developers who want to leave a legacy of a housing development is responsive to community needs, ecologically sustainable, and socially cohesive.

How we support your project success

Systems Design and

Project Architecture


This process looks at the whole system of what makes up housing as a home, a structure, a part of the community, considers current homeowners as well as future generations.


We take into account the land, ecosystems, and other natural factors as well as the vision and values of the future homeowners.


A systems design works to create a project that will be socially, environmentally, and economically viable and sustainable.

Network Weaving and

Stakeholder Engagement


Housing is made up of future home-owners, surrounding neighbours, builders, financial lenders, and other stakeholders who all have their own understanding and role to play within the project.  Getting everyone involved who will be affected, on the same page and working effectively together ensures that the project will come to fruition.


We help to create strong relationships and engage stakeholders in a way that creates social cohesion and congruence.

Facilitation and

Team Dynamics


The group originating the project will benefit from a skilled facilitator to keep the discussions focused, results oriented, working through roadblocks effectively, and building a good foundation of positive interactions.


We work with project teams to create a spirit of collaboration, synergy, creative expression and appreciative inquiry. We model effective and kind communication and win-win solutions.



Transformative Learning & Capacity Building


We offer courses, customized to the needs of your team, project, or community. Below are just a few of the topics that we can put together to ensure all role players involved have the knowledge and the skills they need for the project to get off to a good start and have ongoing success.

  • Community Land Trust systems

  • Succeeding with community-led housing

  • Effective group decision making processes

  • Effective interpersonal communication for groups

  • Ecological land design for sustainable neighbourhoods

  • Ecological housing models

  • Facilitation & group dynamics TOT

  • Conflict resolution for groups

We're keen to support you with your innovative housing project

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