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Enabling Housing that is for, by, & with Women & Ethnic Women

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How to become a skilled, knowledgeable, and resourced housing community creator

Most of us would agree that we have a housing problem—in fact many housing problems: high cost to buy and to rent, lack of available rentals, gentrification in many towns and cities, crappy building design leaving us cold and damp, neighbourhood designs that leave people feeling isolated, high levels of waste from the construction of housing, and lack of choice overall.

12 Ways to Get More Support for Your Housing Community Project​


Creating an outside-the-box housing project, such as where you might have greater density or smaller plot sizes, wanting to develop on rural land, wanting to create affordability, can lead to substantial more hurdles for housing community creators (including non-speculative housing developers and groups) because the Council, neighbors, financial institutions, and legal requir [...]​


Communities that are driven by principles of economic,ecological, social & cultural regeneration

A Region of Regenerative Place-Making


The highlight of my week was participating in the Global Ecovillage Network Oceania and Australisia (GENOA) Network. It is a monthly gathering of community builders and social change champions from every country in the region who care about and are doing regenerative  place-making [...]​


Housing Development Through Collective Wisdom & Reciprocity​


What I really love about collective housing is that, by its nature, it develops community in a social sense while developing community in the physical realm. We have a chance to practice, while in the creation process, the values, principles and ways of being together that ultimately result in a great connected community that then reflects those values in form and function.

Would you like support to gain more traction with your housing idea or project?​

What I love about my work at Common Ground is connecting with inspiring people like you who tell me about their amazing housing & community project ideas, guided by values of connection, sustainability, justice and affordability. Across the country, I hear of people coming together to explore possibilities of how to create meaningful places to live.

Housing In Service to Life​


How would our housing and neighbourhoods look if they were in service to life?  In service to human lives--the social and cultural needs of people, in service to nature and the other life forms on the planet, in service to the livelihood and resilience of the community.


It might seem obvious that housing should be for life but if one looks at [...]​

Designing Communities & Housing for Regenerative Community Living​

Are you interested in exploring how your community (at any stage from idea to long-established) could be more resilient, low-impact, peaceful, inclusive, equitable, and collaborative?


As a GEN Ambassador, I am assisting community leaders, groups of people who want to create a community, or anyone wishing to incorporate regenerative principles and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the design of where they are living[...]

Redefining our relationship with land, community, and home​


Māori speak of the wairua (spirit) of the land and home is expressed through connection to mountain, river, and hapu (extended family, community).  We find in many traditional cultures, such as the Zulu culture where I lived in South Africa, land is considered a part of the community.  Land is not privatised but rather is a community resource, where someone can be given permission to occupy, build, and steward a section of land for the greater good of the community. [...]

Creating vitality in the spaces between houses​


When it comes to housing, it’s just as important to pay attention to the spaces between as it is the housing itself and to plan, design, and value these in-between spaces. In permaculture, we speak about the importance of the relationships between things—how one thing relates to another and the reciprocal value that comes from that relationship. The permaculture principle integrate rather than segregate also speaks to this.

The value of these “between” spaces is both physical and invisible and [...]

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