Common Ground could help your project achieve these results based on your chosen objectives from the planning tool.

  • Save time and money in development process (identify cost savings and effective processes

  • Have the clarity and confidence on what it will take to create a successful project 

  • Identified more regenerative potential for project

  • Operating at a higher and deeper level of thinking about the project 

  • A project vision document that will attract the right people and resources to support the project

  • Stronger connections with other role players in the housing development sector and some strategic partnerships identified

  • Effective tools and processes for the social and ecological aspects of the project

  • Managed plan for potential pitfalls and challenges 

  • First stage completed towards a permaculture design for land-based projects

  • A strategy to share the project development with a wider audience

  • Identified ways of creating a climate resilient community

  • Identified ways the project can be financially sustainable and economically inclusive

For those projects further along, focus is on increasing regenerative potential and success of the project to achieve regenerative results.

What are the costs of not doing this work with the guidance of a skilled and experienced practioner:

  • Possible legal risks including litigation or blocks to consent with Council

  • Possible financial risks including higher taxes, money spent on wrong resources or activities, not securing better prices

  • Possible dissolution of project due to social conflict or people who sabotage the project

  • Project could take longer or go in the wrong direction without focus

  • Not reaching its full potential for regeneration of the area (socially, ecologically or economically)

  • Not being able to attract the right people, partners, or resources that will help the project to succeed efficiently

  • Feelings of overwhelm, confusion, or lack of support could lead to burnout, resentment, or giving up

  • Being seen as a “difficult” or getting NIMBY responses rather than seen as an innovative leader bringing an asset to the area

What they say about Common Ground

Brad White

Connected Living Advocate

Co-Founder of Cambridge Co-Housing

Wealth of knowledge

Zola (Sam) has huge knowledge about alternative housing - both local and global issues.  She is well connected in the alternative housing area and through those connections brings a wealth of knowledge to events and courses.


She is an excellent facilitator both in small and large groups and is able to elicit responses and input from all group members.

Greer O'Donnell

Urban Strategist with Urban Advisory

Co-Founder of Society for Alternative Housing Development

Passion for housing justice

Zola (Sam) has a significant level of knowledge about the topic of alternative housing and has an obvious passion for housing justice.


Her work in developing learning guides for us has been excellent - demonstrating her ability to communicate the key aspects required to deliver alternative housing solutions

Peter Grant

Architectural Designer, Regenerative practitioner & involved with the formation of Whangarei’s Ecovillage Ahi Wai

Wow Zola. You’re like a co-housing dynamo. So much knowledge and connections. Talking to you was so informative and totally inspiring. 

You’ve really helped me develop my thinking around developing an Eco Village. Introducing the non-profit and non-speculative concepts - right up my alley; the importance of Permaculture.  I have confidence that I could make the site a really desirable place to live. 

You’ve actually got me into a higher state of excitement with this work. I feel our goals are totally aligned around regenerate housing, community prosperity and ecological health. 
Thanks so much for your mahi. 

Anja O’Connor

Tiny House Community Leader




Zola cleared up my most urgent questions regarding our Upper Clutha Tiny House Community project. She also gave me a rich insight into the big task of community development from the ground up.


For this daunting task, to shape our way of living and thriving, Zola is amongst the experts we need to build strong and connected communities to create our future in the best way possible. I'm looking forward to learning more from Zola and Common Ground.

Why work with Zola and Common Ground

as a partner for your project and team/organisation?

Achievements in this sector

Professional Development in this sector

Strong Networks and Roles in the Sector of Housing Systems Change


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Zola, you helped me be clearer on setting my goals, you keep me accountable, you helped me with your connections and liaising with people, you helped me with wording some of my presentation to council.  

You communicate clearly, you are punctual and very organised, which helps me stay on track.
You have opened a whole new world around the regenerative principles, even though I find it sometimes overwhelming as it touches on so many aspects and finding practical ways to put these principles in action is not easy.​


Nadine Simsar

Coaching/Mentor Client for Raglan Ecovillage Project​

Zola is very skilled at creating an inviting space and encouraging people to share and listen to each other.  

From her previous experiences, she has a huge range of tools and activities that she used to give structure to our time together.  


She balanced the need for open sharing with time for more structured content very well.
Zola is very solutions focused.  


She contributes generously and encourages others to do the same.  She is very experienced in this work, so she brings depth and resilience to it.

Bronwen Newton

Urban Habitat Collective & retreat participant

Zola is very structured and organised. I enjoyed her energy and tenacity to make all facets of the retreat work for all.  


With her open heart, Zola consciously ensures there is always space in her events for fluidity. 


This is a skill and a talent that was much appreciated by the group.

Thalea Tane

Global Ecovillage Network

and retreat participant

The quality and quantity of information. The opportunity for collaboration on content, so that all attendees could be sure to get what they wanted from the event.


The warmth and connection she brings with her communication and energy!  Easy communication, great to collaborate with, ability to think outside the box and come up with interesting and effective solutions


Carol Sumner

Retreat participant

Common Ground 

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